Ulysses Cover (a)Dublin deserves a museum of its own. The goal of that museum is not to promote blind allegiance to any ideology, but a broad awareness of our complex shared history. This leads to a rich sense of place and, ultimately, to a greater appreciation of who we really are. That is the work of the Little Museum.

This non-profit people’s museum was created by public donation and opened in November 2011. The Irish Times recently called it “the best museum experience in Dublin,” and there are now over 5,000 artefacts in the collection as well as three floors of exhibition space and an Irish artisan café in the basement of 15, St Stephen’s Green.

Over twenty-five thousand people visited the museum in 2012, our first full year of operation. Children attend free civics classes here every morning, and our greeter programme, City of a Thousand Welcomes, has been described by the Sydney Morning Herald as “the best free thing to do in Europe.” Over the next four years, the museum’s total economic impact will be worth over €6,000,000 to Dublin.

Our vision is to become the best small museum in Europe by 2023. In the meantime the building hosts tours, lectures, launches, exhibitions, debates and public meetings every day of the week. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Simon O’Connor and Trevor White